July 9, 2007, 9:17 am
Filed under: Rant

i hurt. i feel the pain so deeply that everything else demanding my attention seems intrusive. somehow it seems tremendoulsy healthy that i’m able to feel the pain and face it as i do, but still, i wish it wasn’t there. but it’s there and it’s probably there to protect me, to warn me, from what??? life sucks. i just need to get over her. i’m getting nowhere. i feel trapped. i’m being tortured. i’m goin nuts. please make it stop!


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uy matindi to a! oist! ok ka lang? amp! nagtanong pa ako. nways, sana maging ok ka na. misyu dude.

Comment by maruism

life goes on dude. if ur both meant to be, she’ll be back.

Comment by badoodles

oist pakner, parang may almoranas ka dyan ah? Noy, bili ka agad ng gamot baka mamaga yan, patay ka!

Comment by lllredlll

sweetie 😀 ano ba yan! hinay hinay lang oi. miss u!

Comment by Banana

haha naun ku lang nabasa tu.. pero dandi lols. its just u who thinks ur in pain.stop thinking too much ..kun anu anu kase iniisep mu lol. relaks okey!

Comment by koppii

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